Listening To Music: Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons is an American rockband from Las Vegas, Nevada. Their genres are alternative rock, indie rock, pop rock, indie pop, and electropop.

As of now, Dan Reynolds(since 2008), Daniel Wayne Sermon(since 2009), Daniel Platzman(since 2011), and Ben Mckee(since 2009) are the only remaining members. The other members that left were DANiiVORY(2011-2012), Andrew Tolman(2008-2011), Aurora Florence(2008-2008), and Britany Tolman(2009-2011).

Currently, they had already released 3 albums, 12 EPs, and 31 singles.

For me, all of their music is amazing but I still have my personal favorites. Currently, my favorite songs are: Radioactive, Demons, It’s Time, On Top Of The World, I Bet My Life, Sucker For Pain, Believer, Thunder, Whatever It Takes, Walking The Wire, and Not Today.

I highly recommend them because you can and would relate to each and every song of theirs. Their lyrics are well written, and you would really love listening to them and their music



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